Bamboo Massage

FULL BODY SWEDISH                                £45.00

BACK ONLY                                                   £20.00

A full body/back manual massage to relax the body and soothe the mind.


FULL BODY VACUUM SUCTION              £50.00

A full body lymphatic massage to remove dead skin vells and drain waste products from the tissues to improve circulation

FULL BODY HOT STONE                           £55.00

A full body massage dating back over 2,000 years, using Basalt stones known for their heat retaining properties, are placed about the body allowing for heat to reach further below the skins' surface and deeper into the muscle fibres to relieve tension and stress.


WARM BAMBOO (Back only)                 £20.00

FULL BODY                                                 £50.00

A back massage using solid Bamboo harvested and steam pressed in South East Asia and made into solid sticks.  The sticks are warmed enabling them to penetrate deeper into the muscle fibres.